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When you get hired, you pay us a small referral fee. You pay nothing unless we get you paid first – there's no risk to you!

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When you join PPP, your offer will be shown to more than 6,000 landlords and managers in our network. You pay nothing unless you get hired!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Purchase Power Program?

We have created a collective of landlords & property managers who gather together (through their LandlordsNY membership) to purchase products and services.

The Purchase Power Program is a marketplace where top-quality vendors create a special discount offer in exchange for being showcased to our member base of 6,000+ landlords and property managers in NY. These members will see you offer and be able to contact you directly through the site, and you pay nothing unless you get hired.

How does my company participate?

Just provide an exclusive discount offer that isn't offered anywhere else. In return, we will promote your company, your special offer, and your involvement with our Purchase Power Program.

We are selective in the vendors we choose, and accept, to take part in this program. Your involvement in the program costs you nothing out of pocket.

The arrangement we have in place with vendors who join the Purchase Power Program is a revenue share on closed transactions (not leads, closed sales only) in exchange for direct promotion to our vetted membership of over 6,000 local landlords.

What do I receive for participating?

In exchange for your participation, LandlordsNY will promote your company, and your involvement with our Purchase Power Program.

Promotion includes, but is not limited to:
• Inclusion in email blasts to over 6,000 local landlords and managers
• Inclusion in display ads & promotion of PPP on LandlordsNY's online channels
• Co-branded web page with custom URL for direct client sign-up and sales tracking.
• Promotion on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube)
• PPP promotion at LandlordsNY events & webinars
• Discounted rates on sponsorship & tickets for LandlordsNY events (Symposium & monthly Meet-ups)...and more!

How much is the Revenue Share or Discount?

There is no set, or locked in, rate for the revenue share agreement in place, as we understand that profit margins differ for all products / industries and an additional discount cuts into that as well, so we examine each on a case by case basis. Our current partners find the reward, and direct access to thousands of pre-qualified leads is well worth the discount and revenue share.

Your involvement in the program costs you nothing out of pocket.

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